I've been in publishing for about seven years, and during this time I've worked with several major trade and academic publishers. I've taken on larger projects, where it was my role to manage, comission, edit, and oversee a project right from conception to print. I've also taken up smaller editing, writing, and content creation assignments tailor made to suit the client's needs. Some of my clients include publishers like Pearson, Oxford University Press, and Pratham Books; schools like Jaipuria and Orchid; as well as organisation and institutions like The Azim Premji Foundation, Lifelab, and Janaagraha to name a few.

Some of my other accademic work include...

A set of four 100 page graphic novels that chronicle the epic adventures of Gappu and Bobo, as they travel the galaxy, solve conflicts, and teach you a bit of science in the process.

Credits: Jemma Jose, Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, Tarique Aziz, Sandhya Prabhat (left to right)

A collection of over 20 educational comics, most of which have made their way into the ICSE and CBSE syllabus, and have been leased for publication to some of the largest accademic publishers. Do get in touch with me over the contact page if you're looking for the one time publication rights to some of my comics.

 A page from Pride and Prejudice comic
Inner page from 'Pride and Prejudice' comic.
 A page from Pinnochio comic
Inner page from 'Pinnochio' comic.
 A page from Noor comic
Inner page from 'Noor' comic.
 A page from ISRO comics comic
Inner page from 'ISRO comics' comic.
 A page from Invisible Man comic
Inner page from 'Invisible Man' comic.
 A page from Frankenstein comic
Inner page from 'Frankenstein' comic.
 A page from Florence comic
Inner page from 'Florence' comic.
 A page from As You Like It comic
Inner page from 'As You Like It' comic.

A collection of over 30 stories that have been published by textbook publishers, schools, and institutions. Do get in touch if you're looking for the one time publishing rights.

 Cover for Lighthouse Grade 3 textbook
Cover for the 'Lighthouse Grade 3' textbook.
 Cover for Lighthouse Grade 4 textbook
Cover for the 'Lighthouse Grade 4' textbook.

And finally, collections of plays, stories, and digital learning modules customised for schools, apps, and educational institutes.

 Cover for Aster 5 textbook
Cover for the 'Aster 5' textbook.

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