As comissioning editor at Pratham Books, my job was to manage the production of 30 picture books from conceptualization to productions. My list focused on STEM, particularly on simple engineering and technology books for 4 to 8 year olds, and included a mix of fiction, narrative nonfiction, comics, nonfiction, as well as AV and gif books. When I Grow Up by Priyadarshini Gogoi and Tarique Aziz went on to win the 2020 FIP (Federation of Book Publishers) award.

Poster for 01_sharanya_codes_a_robot.png
Poster for 02_when_i_grow_up_cover.png
Poster for 03_the_laddoo_code_cover.png
Poster for 04_how_bittu_bottu_got_better_cover.png
Poster for 05_mangalyaan_a_journey_to_mars_cover.png
Poster for 06_ria_sorts_it_out_cover.png
Poster for 07_pranav_the_pattern_detective_cover.png
Poster for 08_why_do_sunflowers_love_the_sun_cover.png
Poster for 09_lost_in_the_internet_cover.png
Poster for 11_shruthi_floats_an_idea_cover.png
Poster for 10_why_do_sunbirds_eat_all_day_cover.png
Poster for 12_how_to_catch_the_wind_cover.png
Poster for 13_good_morning_good_night_cover.png
Poster for 14_my_appa_and_his_sounds_cover.png
Poster for 15_the_power_of_one_cover.png
Poster for 17_suppamma_loves_to_craft_cover.png
Poster for 16_junuka_and_the_rice_rakshasas_cover.png
Poster for 18_kick_start_go_cover.png
Poster for 19_black_hats_white_hats_cover.png
Poster for 20_the_science_complex_cover.png
Poster for 21_ma_is_that_you__cover.png
Poster for 22_where_did_my_call_go_cover.png
Poster for 23_let_s_fly_a_plane_cover.png
Poster for 24_the_mighty_tethys_sea_cover.png
Poster for 25_mummys_glasses_cover.png
Poster for 26_the_book_of_stolen_secrets_cover.png
Poster for 27_what_happens_when_you_flush_cover.png
Poster for 29_a_little_help_for_cumulo_cover.png
Poster for 28_arun_in_ruins_cover.png
Poster for 30_kuwomba_the_anxious_cloud_cover.png

I also had a chance to guest edit the following books between 2017 and 2018. All Aboard, Food Monsters, You Can't Find Me and It's Play Time were edited under the guidance of Bijal Vachharajani and team; Animal Homes and What's that Smell was overseen by Yamini Vijayan and team.

Poster for 02_food_monster.png
Poster for 01_all_aboard.png
Poster for 03_you_cant_find_me.png
Poster for 04_animal_homes.png
Poster for 05_whats_that_smell.png
Poster for 06_its_play_time.png

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