Jellyfish Monthly is a children's current affair and entertainment magazine with over 4,000 subscribers. I'm one of three founding partner, and the founding editor of Jellyfish Monthly. Please find a few sample pages and articles below.

In our magazine, you will find.

Vibrant Covers

Credits: Jemma Jose, Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, Tarique Aziz, Sandhya Prabhat (left to right)


Credits: Ashok Rajagopalan, Nikhil Gulati, Jemma Jose (left to right)

Pull out posters...

Credits: Sahitya, Upamanyu Bhattacharyya (left to right)

Articles on history, math, and science...

Credits: Sandhya Prabhat

Famous and not so famous personalities...

Credits: Ravi Gupta

Articles about dinosaurs, animals, plants and nature

Credits: Ravi Gupta

The latest news and current affairs

Credits: Ravi Gupta

And finally activities, recipes, DIYs and a whole list of sundry articles guaranteed to keep hold your child's interest!

Credits: Sandhya, Tarani (writing)

Content page for one of the issue of the magazine.

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