Check Mate

Bishop to King, Check Mate…I think the Queen’s been unfaithful.

An analysis on Edgar Allan Poe’s: The Fall of the House of Usher

In Poe’s short story, special emphasis is drawn to the house that the Ushers live in. In this story, there are two ways of looking at the house; the first way would be to acknowledge the house as a sentient being that shares the life-force of the inhabitants of the house. Throughout the short-story, the […]

Inquisitive Cows

These have got to be some of the most inquisitive cows I’ve ever seen. I mean just look at them, their curiosity about the world rivals that of Plato or any of the other distinguished philosophers. This is a Placeholder Image.

A zoo is like a circus, but without the theatrics.

  At the circus: The elephants stand on balls, The tigers jump though hoops, The bears ride tiny bicycles, And the zebras stand in twos.   At the zoo: The elephants stare at walls, The tigers live in coops, The bears live boring life-cycles, And the zebras look recluse,   At the brink of reason: […]

Dracula: An Ode to the Reverse Colonizer.

  In this essay I hope to bring to notice the strong colonialist undertones that lay buried within the pages of this book. What’s interesting to note is that Stoker’s Dracula was published towards the end of the 19th century, when the English Empire was sloping towards her decline. By now the English began to […]

Sandman v.s. Sandbear

It was on a late evening after a hard day’s work that I found myself stretched out on the sofa in front of the television. I must have woken up to the action film that was playing, and so I reached for the remote and switched off the infernal machine. But despite having switched off […]