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  • Name : C G Salamander
  • Species : Salamander
  • Born : August 8th 1990
  • Hair : None
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C. G Salamander is a fiction writer and a story teller, his short stories and comics have been published in various short story anthologies and his work has appeared in the Mint-Wall Street Journal.

His first book, Palms Foster Home for Peculiar Stories is expected to release later this year.

It was exactly fifteen years ago that C. G Salamander realized he was different from all the other Chinese Giant Salamanders. As a child C. G Salamander hated living in the muddy crevices along the river banks, and so he decided to leave the Yangtze river and set out on a quest to find himself.

He spent days travelling across the vast terrains of china and finally reached the foothills of the Himalayas. With nowhere to go, and equipped with a childlike sense of wonder for a compass, C. G Salamander began scaling the Himalayas where he would later enroll himself in a monastery. During his time in the mountains, he was taught how to read and write by foreigners who’d come to partake in the mountain’s rich culture and cheap herbage.

He spent most of his time in meditation, and eventually learned how to move objects with his mind.After spending a decade in the Himalayas, C.G Salamander traveled south to the city of Chennai, and has remained there ever since. He now spends his time telekinetically moving pens and pencils across paper.Palm’s Foster Home for Peculiar Stories is his first book.

Apart from being able to read and write, C. G Salamander can telekinetically move objects around. Initially he moved pens across paper to do his writing, but ever since he learned how to use a computer, he’s been pushing buttons using his mind.

C. G Salamander likes to write short stories, and comic scripts, and if there’s one thing he likes as much as writing, it’s reading.C. G Salamander can also travel through time, at the speed of regular time.